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Prefab Staircase Kits

Prefabricated Staircase Kits

There are plenty of benefits to ordering a custom steel staircase. They are an ideal stair solution for schools, offices, apartments, as well as agriculture sheds and industrial warehouses. Installing a steel staircase can provide a range of advantages that exceed those of traditional concrete and wooden staircases, which are commonly used in place of steel.

The Merits Of Choosing A Prefab Staircase Kit

Once a steel staircase is installed in your building, the value of the property will rise. Having a long-lasting, durable staircase that won’t need to be replaced for many, many years is a plus in any building or home. Steel staircases are also an excellent option for emergency fire escapes as they bring an added level of security.

The advantage of a prefab staircase kits is that it is not susceptible to the elements in the same way that wood is. Wooden and concrete staircases suffer under high humidity and extreme temperature changes, this can compromise the integrity of the structure. These issues do not affect steel staircases, as they don’t need as much care as a wooden or concrete staircase as a result. Steel is also very easy to maintain and keep clean; this only adds to its appeal as a building material.

Cost is a large factor to be considered when selecting the right staircase for your building. When steel is chosen over other materials, customers can expect to reap the benefits of added durability and the average life of a metal staircase, due mostly to the nature of steel, making them arguably the most economical type of staircase available.

Flat Pack Prefab Stair Kits Keep Your Costs Down

As a customer, all that is required of you is to measure the height to deck distance for the intended stairwell and then we can produce a high standard staircase to fit your building. We will galvanise it flat pack it and then send it to you. Our prefab stair kits are extremely flexible and can be cut and manufactured to fit any building design at any size requested. Due to the high flexibility factor of steel, our staircases are incredibly easy to install, which keeps your construction costs low.

Buy From The Best, Don’t Risk The Rest

All of our prefabricated staircase kits are designed to the highest standards and comply with the Building Code of Australia. We take safety very seriously as evidenced by the fact that we have never suffered a structural error with any of our products. So, if you are planning on installing a new staircase, then a ready-made staircase kit could make your life a whole lot easier. You can find our full range of products listed on our website. Or you can get in touch with one of our sales agents and get a quote for your staircase today. If you are unsure about how best to proceed or you have any questions then don’t hesitate to get in touch, we are always more than happy to advise you on your next stair project.

Here at shedstairs.com.au we pride ourselves in making the finest quality stair handrail kits and prefab stairs for sale in Australia. We offer speedy delivery on all of our products Australia-wide. So, when you think about steel steps suppliers, know that Advantage industries is a step above the competition.

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