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Steel Ball & Stanchions

When it comes to creating stairways, safety is critical. By choosing to purchase stanchion posts from Advantage Industries, you can be sure that your stairs meet building regulations and will keep everyone safe. Our stainless steel stanchion posts have been placed in mezzanines, factories and warehouses throughout Australia, creating a strong safety barrier for anyone who comes into contact with them.
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Looking for high quality stainless steel stanchions?

With a stanchion from Advantage Industries, you can look forward to your building having added value, thanks to their robust design. This, coupled with our extensive knowledge of staircase codes, means that you can be confident that you will get the best stanchion posts for your building.
Choosing to install a prefabricated staircase and steel stanchion posts from us takes away the hassle of building your own staircase, which is often the trickiest part of a building. What’s more, we design all our products to be easy to install so that you can take the DIY approach. Of course, if at any time you need any additional support, we have a Hotline Help Service ready to support you, and we can call upon installers if necessary.

Stainless Steel Stanchion Posts from Advantage Industries

If you need steel stair handrail kits for your staircases, Advantage Industries can provide you with the right product. If you need steel stair treads, then we have your covered. Our stanchion posts are also suitable for use on walkways, both in factories and on external paths.
We sell a range of platform posts, side mount posts and side offset posts that can be delivered to you fast and are ready to be installed. With different mounting and finishes available, it is easy to find the right stanchions for your project

Buy stainless steel stanchion posts with confidence

We can deliver your Steel stanchion posts fast anywhere in Australia. With all our products, we offer excellent value for money and everyone in Australia can take advantage. We deliver on time, so you can be confident that you will get your products when you need them, and you will not have to suffer from costly delays.
You can shop with complete peace of mind. All the products sold by Advantage Industries have engineering certificates, so you can be confident that you are getting quality stanchions that are built with safety in mind.
What’s more, with every purchase you can be sure that there is consistency in our products. Our products are manufactured to bring you the uniformity and the same high quality every time. Whether you are a distributor, or you will be using the end product yourself, you can feel reassured knowing that it has been made to the exact standards of the Australian building code.

Questions about any of our stanchions?

We are here for all your internal and external staircases, providing you with a simple and effective solution to staircase safety in factories, mezzanines and sheds. Whatever the size of your order, we will be able to accommodate it.
Get your stanchion posts from us today. Call 1800 989 140 or email [email protected] if you need any further support and we will be happy to help you.
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