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Do You Require Excellent Stair Railing Kits?

If so, then we have all that you are going to need at an affordable price with no compromise on quality or safety. Advantage Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of stairs and stair accessories in Australia. For well over ten years we have been designing, producing and delivering top-grade stair solutions to domestic, industrial and commercial customers all throughout the country. We have a stellar record of producing perfect craftsmanship through our easy to assemble DIY kits.
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Stair Handrail Kits That Will Never Let You Fall

Unlike traditional welded alternatives, our modular handrail designs eliminate drafting, engineering and onsite fabrication issues and dramatically reduce installation costs. Supplied as a series of components with simple assembly instructions, every handrail system can be adapted or extended with additional components. These kits are expertly engineered to minimise maintenance and repair costs. We can also easily supply replacement or spare parts for damaged components.

Our hot dip galvanized systems are assembled via a simple, minimum weld construction method, reducing opportunities for corrosion. Pre-engineered for structural integrity, our handrail kits are load tested and configured to Australian and New Zealand Standards (AS/NZS), Workplace Health and Safety guidelines (WHS/OSH), Australia’s National Construction Code (NCC/BCA) and the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC).

Our Handrail Kits Keep Stairs Safe

Just like our system of designing and delivering stair handrail kits we take exact measurements from you and use those calculations to produce the ideal handrail kit for your site. After we have manufactured the handrail system at our factory, we then galvanise the steel components to provide a long-lasting layer of protection against corrosion. We then pack each component and ship it out to you wherever you are in Australia. When it arrives all that is left to do is to follow the detailed installation instructions carefully to complete your brand new safety rail. Assembly is simplified so that even the most modest DIY enthusiast can construct the kit with the aid of basic tools.

Advantage Industries (leading steel staircase supplier in Australia), prioritises safety. That’s why we provide our customers with staircases and all the related equipment that is up to code and built to a high safety standard. Stair handrail is a vital component of any staircase, so make sure you get the best product while keeping you and others as safe from any accidents as possible.

We have handrail joiner fittings as well as saddle fittings and saddle wall bracket fittings to cover all bases when it comes to installing your handrail. Take a look at our range to find the products you are looking for and get your building up to code.

Why You Need High-Quality Stair Handrails

Handrails are obviously an important component of every staircase. They reduce the risk of falls, keeping everyone who uses the stairs in your building as safe as possible. The Australian building code states that it is necessary for every staircase to have stair handrails, with the exception of if there’s a fixed structure within 10cm of the staircase. And yes, this also means that having an outdoor stairs handrail for your stairs outside is necessary. If your staircase is wider than 1m, the code also states that having a handrail on both sides is needed. This is for very good reason as accidents on staircases are very common and this helps to reduce that risk as much as possible.

Having outdoor stair railing is a basic addition when implementing safety measures. It helps stop people from slipping and falling and can help those with mobility issues or muscle weakness to safely make their way up and down the stairs. With Advantage Industries, you can order and install our handrail components yourself. If you have a basic level of carpentry skills, it will be a piece of cake! Our products come flat packed and DIY friendly to further make life easier.

Leading Outdoor Stair Handrails: Advantage Industries Has Your Back

All of our outdoor stairs handrail equipment is up to code, taking any additional stress off you. Our products are intentionally created to make your installation as easy and smooth a process as possible. If you need any advice or tips along the way, we are always here to help! Our team is a fountain of knowledge and would be happy to offer any help we can concerning all things staircases and handrails.

To top it all off, we deliver outdoor stair railing all over Australia. Regardless of where in the country you are situated, we can deliver to you. Our equipment is easily transportable so we can reach as many people as possible.

Advantage Industries Makes Australia’s Leading Stair & Handrail Kits

When it comes to stair railing kits, you cannot take any chances with safety. There is absolutely no room for error; that is why we put such a focus on ease of assembly to guarantee that our customers replicate the high-quality standards that our designs deliver when tested in-house under controlled conditions. We are committed to delivering unrivalled stair solutions to our customers and we boast an excellent track record in terms of both safety and customer satisfaction. So why not check out our full range of products online or get in touch with our customer service team today to see just how we can help you.

Here at we pride ourselves in making the finest quality prefab stairs for sale and steel steps suppliers in Australia. We offer speedy delivery on all of our products Australia-wide. So, when you think about prefab steel staircases, know that Advantage industries is a step above the competition.
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