Side Mount Post

Side Mount Post – Level

Hot Dipped Galvanized or Untreated

Other Side Mount Posts Available



Ball Rail System Specifications

Advantage Industries ball rail posts comply with Australia Standards AS1657-2018.


Typical post spacing is 2000mm centres max.

Handing of level stanchions is ascertained from the platform/walkway facing the stanchion.

Handing of angled stanchions is ascertained from standing at the bottom of the staircase or ramp and looking up the staircase or ramp.


  • Untreated
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized

Hot dipped galvanized in accordance with AS/NZS 4680:2006


  • Stanchions – 40NB pipe (48.3mm OD)
  • Base plates – 10mm plate with 2 x 18mm holes
  • Handrails – 32NB pipe (42.4mm OD)
  • Kneerails – 25NB pipe (33.7mm OD)
  • Kick Plates – 100 x 6 Flat Bar
  • Kick Plate Brackets – 40 x 40 Angle

Side Posts

Side posts are ideal for staircases with flat bar stringers and walkways where the maximum width between balustrades is required.

  • Staircases with flat bar stringers
  • Gantry walkways
  • Drainage Headwalls

Additional information


Hot Dip Galvanized, Untreated/Black Steel

Kick Plate Bracket

Single Kick Plate Bracket – 60, Single Kick Plate Bracket – 85, Double Kick Plate Bracket – 60, Double Kick Plate Bracket – 85, None

side mount post level 2S
Side Mount Post

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