Luke, Yarra Valley VIC

Hi Brendan,

We were all round very happy with the stair kit.  I haven’t physically seen it in person yet, I will see it tomorrow. (see attached photos though)

A footing location plan would have been a great idea to help with the whole process.  Getting concrete to dry before the install guys arrived onsite, instead of having to assemble first to work it out.

  1. Was the kit easy to install? Yes, was surprisingly simple once the guys had worked out the footing locations
  2. Did you have any problems/difficulties? One of the posts had an extra 100mm in length that needed to be cut and re welded to match the rest
  3. Do you have any improvement suggestions/changes? Put together a dimensioned footing location plan, this would have saved the install guys half a day trying to work it out.  Could have dug the holes prior to putting everything together.
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