Prefab Stairs


Why Choose Galvanized Steel Staircases

alvanized steel staircases are extremely durable because the underlying base metal – steel – is the strongest material that can be used for staircase construction. Galvanized steel staircases can endure high traffic and are heavyweight.


A Few Random Things You Didn’t Know About Stairs

People have been constructing stairs for more than 4000 years – constructing them, as against piling up some rocks or cutting notches in trees. There are stairs in the ruins of a 4500 BC temple in Pakistan. The Tower of Babel mentioned in the Bible is believed to have been a helical structure requiring spiral stairs. The Great Pyramids of Egypt were constructed with internal stairs. The Chinese built mammoth sets of granite stairs to their temples and so on. Stairs were not only to “go places”, but they also symbolized a pathway to “heaven”. 

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